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Fill your home with colours!

Bocci Pendants
Bocci Pendants

Nothing cheers you up more than colours! Especially on those dark winter days, light wrapped up in vibrant colours can really lift your mood. And nothing blends better with colours than glass for a lovely shiny effect.

Canadian lighting company Bocci ( is offering a large array of colour combination for their well acclaimed collection of blown glass spheres. Pink, ruby, cherry, purple, lapis, amethyst, celadon and emerald are only a few of the many colours available, for both wall mounted and suspended lamps. You can have fun and choose your own colour composition, starting from 3 to 61 (!) spheres depending on the needs of your interior.

The beautiful creations of Giopato and Coombes ( with their Flauti collection embark you on a journey through the fascinating making of Murano glass. Flauti aren't just lamps. They are unique pieces of traditional craftsmanship and they embody the beauty, history and soul of the Venetian Lagoon.

The Iris pendant light by designer Sebastian Scherer ( takes the making of blown glass to a whole new level. Iris is a mouth blown crystal glass with a very innovative and expensive process of colour effect coating. Its goal is to emulate an iridescent soap bubble with its ever changing colour and inborn lightness. The colours reflected can be blue/orange, gold/indigo, cyan/magenta and pink/green.

Iris Neo/Craft
Iris Neo/Craft

The lighting collection of English company Rothschild & Bickers' ( also bustles with colours (and styles) of any kind. The variety of colours is reflected not only in the handblown glass pendant lights but also in the flexes, which can be arranged in different colours and types.

The marble finish effect of the Mineral pendants is extraordinary. Made of glass and powdered pigments, those pendants are produced in wonderful tones which trace the natural shades of the earth. Just the ideal light for any nature inspired colour interior!

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