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Is old design obsolete?

Updated: Oct 2, 2018

Nowadays there is a great tendency to opt for the newest and latest design. Commonly interiors are decorated with the latest lamps with the most up to date technology.

But are old lamps really obsolete? In reality, the past with its vast history can be an invaluable source of beautiful lights. The end of the second world war as an example brought such an innovative spirit for the art and design of lamps, that some lamps are still very much sought after. Their style is timeless. One of the greatest designers of all time, Achille Castiglione, is the creative mind behind some of the most beautiful luminaries.

When recommending a lamp to embellish a space for an unlimited period of time, Taccia by Flos ( (designers Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, 1962) would be it. Its design reminds me of the architectural features of a greek column, as does its classical details. Taccia is distinguished by its distinctive capital, the round mouth-blown glass light diffuser, at the top of a column which is articulated with the vertical hollow grooves which rest on a simple lined round base.

Unlike Greek columns, Taccia proportions follow a different purpose. The top light diffuser is broader than the rest of the lamp as it serves the main function of diffusing and directing light. The smooth lines of the diffuser (and the reflector) and mainly the transparency offered by the glass with its visual lightness play an interesting contrast with the fluted metal body. The column hides the light source, an led disc, within its base. The light flowing upward is diffused through the glass and reflected downward by the top disc. The glass top is not fixed at the base, and so it allows an easy rotation of the light to your preferred position and offers unexpected reflections on the wall. The most amazing lighting feature of the Taccia is its unique ability of providing two types of light within the same fitting.

A soft reassuring diffused light through the glass bowl and a stronger light accent reflected indirectly from the disc. Its dimmable function ensures a personal flow of light. What a pleasant way to entertain your eyes with different layering of light!

In its elegant neutral colours of black, silver or bronze Taccia can be 645mm or 485mm tall. The biggest version, suitable for low tables or simply as a floor lamp, this easily becomes the most interesting visual point of a space.

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