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Pablo. When square does not mean conventional!

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

This is how Pablo ( sets its foot in the lighting market.

A simple square light panel measuring one meter really tickles your creativity. Its regular shape is designed to bond with any wall, would that be in an idle hallway, a dull landing, or any room in need of a little spark.

Large blue luminous light panel
A square Pablo light panel by Davide Groppi

With its generous luminosity of 1200 lumen, Pablo covers any surroundings space with blue, yellow, white or red light. How a lovely way to change the mood of a room and visually entertain any person at all. It can be added to any interior decor, to make a contrast, a big statement or simply to blend with more contemporary interiors. Pablo shows how a beautiful performance of light lays in its simplicity. It works with light, it blends with light, it performs pure light.

A white, yellow, blue and red Pablo light panel
Pablo in its different light options

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