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lighting design sevenoaks, interior lighting design sevenoaks,




Bringing the right light into your home!

lighting design sevenoaks, interior lighting design sevenoaks,

Hi, I'm Sylvie a lighting consultant and designer in Sevenoaks, I am often asked by clients how to reach the right balance of light at home.


Light is a magical tool! It can transform a home to impact people and families in a positive way. Poor lighting affects anyone’s health, mood and lifestyle. 


I assist clients to find the right lighting solution for their space. This means finding the light fittings that are able to enhance interiors and bring a home to life, to provide the correct light for practical purposes, to set zones and points of focus, to create a feeling of warmth and intimacy. 


Every space has key lighting requirements (general lighting, task lighting, accent lighting, etc.). It is our expertise to appreciate the lighting needs of each room in tune with the client's needs and feelings and to ensure that our bespoke lighting solution works perfectly for the desired lighting effect.  



I often stumble across inspiration and beautiful lighting pieces in the most unusual places. 

Follow me on my journey as I strive to make the world a brighter place.


Sevenoaks Lighting Design has worked with Catellina & Smith, DGA, Healthfield & Co, Moooi, Axolight, Flos, Artemide, Fonatana Arte, Light Graphix, Foscarini, Nyta Lighting.


"We have worked with Sylvie for designing a light plan for our new house in Amsterdam. As we went through a major renovation project, it provided an excellent opportunity to rethink the way we bring the right lighting into the house. Sylvie has been a great help in co-creating the design but also ensuring the technical aspects are well thought through. It was an enriching experience for us ...


We were very pleased to be featured in Southside magazine. Read the full article here

lighting design sevenoaks, interior lighting design sevenoaks,
lighting design sevenoaks, interior lighting design sevenoaks,
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We are very happy to share that one of my latest lighting projects is listed in the Catellani & Smith website.

View the piece here


With the proper lighting, your home can feel warm and inviting. There are many different types of home lighting from which to choose; depending on the area, you'll want to pick the perfect type for your space. Floor lamps help to bring a cozy ambience to a living room or bedroom, while chandeliers add a touch of sophistication to formal dining rooms or foyers. Hanging pendant lights are ideal for highlighting works of art in galleries or kitchens. For functional lighting, track lighting works well in offices and libraries while recessed ceiling fixtures can be used in any room to produce bright ambient light. Task lighting is essential in craft rooms or work spaces and wall sconces can create an accentuated look in hallways or bathrooms. With a little forethought about preferred styles, finishes and functions, you're sure to find the ideal home lighting solution for each area of your home.

Home lighting fixtures and fittings are an important part of the home decor, providing both purposeful and aesthetic value. Different rooms in a house often require different types of lighting to create the right ambience. A bright and airy kitchen might look better with track lighting or pendant lights, while a cozy living room might benefit from wall sconces or under-cabinet lights. In addition to traditional fixtures like these, area rugs add dimension and character, as well as additional illumination when used in combination with floor lamps, vanity lights, or even desk lamps. The possibilities are endless, so have fun exploring all of your options to ensure that every corner of your home is properly lit!

Ready to transform your spaces with custom lighting designs?


Sevenoaks Lighting Design offers bespoke interior lighting solutions tailored specifically to your needs. Our personal approach will help you discover the best means of highlighting features within each space, creating an inviting ambiance that is sure to impress. From choosing the right types of lamps and light fixtures, to advising on how much wattage you need -we cover it all!

You’ll be able to find stylish yet practical ways of improving any room in your home or business whilst ensuring the plans are mindful of energy efficiency too. As certified green designers we'll contribute cleverly towards a more sustainable future for everyone.  We have years of experience combined with our unique creative flair so let us take care of transforming those drab corners into luscious living areas!


Book a free initial consultation today and start seeing amazing changes in no time!

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What are the 5 steps in lighting design?

Lighting design is an important aspect of any kind of interior design setting. It sets the atmosphere, emphasizes the focal points and elements, and gives life to a room or other environment. Designing the perfect lighting scheme involves understanding these principles and then carrying them out in five simple steps. The first step is to assess the area and identify any desired focal points or elements as well as traffic patterns. Second, determine what kind of light fixtures are most appropriate for the area while keeping in mind aesthetic qualities like colour temperature and glare control. Third, consider task lighting needs when applicable, such as lamps by chairs for reading tasks or brighter lights over desks for gaming or studying. Fourth, figure out a lighting layout that places lights at safe distances from flammable materials and also allows for efficient illumination throughout the space. Finally, once all this is finalized, physical installation can begin before finishing it up with further adjustments like adding dimmer switches and choosing finishes.

What is lighting design concept?

Lighting design concept is a system for creating the atmosphere and enhancing the aesthetics of interior space with the use of light. This includes accent lighting for objects, task lighting for tasks, general illumination for ambient light, and specialized treatments like coloured light or patterns. By utilizing different types of lamps like recessed cans and track heads, along with dimmer switches to change brightness levels, lighting designers help to make a room more inviting while also making it easier to get around in. Furthermore, they take environmental factors such as natural daylight into account when planning out their lighting plan. Ultimately, a successful lighting design incorporates all of these elements by allowing the user to customize the experience to his or her liking in order to create a truly immersive space.

What does a lighting designer do?

Interior lighting design is a critical aspect of home décor, providing both beauty and practicality. A skilled interior lighting designer understands the importance of artfully arranging lighting fixtures to create a warm, inviting atmosphere that also meets safety requirements. These professionals can help homeowners decide on the perfect combination of ceiling-mounted lights, sconces, wall lights, floor lamps, and table lamps to create an inviting atmosphere while also providing adequate levels of illumination throughout the house. Furthermore, interior lighting designers have the expertise to make adjustments in order to enhance specific features or areas in any room. With their knowledge of electrical wiring and connections, these professionals can make sure that all components are working together for maximum effect. Ultimately, an interior lighting designer helps turn a house into a home by creating the ideal atmosphere through expertly crafted light designs.

How do you design good lighting?

Designing good interior lighting in your home can greatly enhance the atmosphere and beauty of any room. The key to achieving this is careful consideration given to the functionality and style each room needs. First, you'll have to assess how much natural light a room already has - adding appropriate artificial light that will work in partnership with your windows can be especially effective. Lights should be chosen which are adjustable according to the activities you plan on doing, such as overhead lighting for reading and minimal lamps for setting an intimate mood. When selecting specific fittings, think about their design and colouring; try mixing high-quality shades of white for a refreshing illuminated look or a warmer glow with yellow-tinted bulbs to make people feel comfortable. With a bit of imagination and planning ahead, you can create a beautiful home environment using good interior lighting.

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