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Lighting ... "deconstructed".

When I first bumped into this new idea of lighting I thought it was ingenious. The concept of lighting is split into two objects: the source of light and - spatially distant - the shade. My three favourite "deconstructed" lamps are the Bounce by Karl Zahn (Roll & Hill), the Shadow by Catellani and the Amisol by Daniel Rybakken (Luceplan).  

The Bounce uses a pivotable floor spotlight to project its beam of light onto a wing-shaped shade, which is available in different materials (aluminium or wood veneer) and dimensions.

The degree of luminosity would depend on the distance of the shade from the base and on its finish (with white finish generating the brightest effect). Bounce can be a clever option especially when there is no electrical cable on your ceiling. The hanging shade can easily be installed anywhere, and the source of light will follow accordingly.

The Shadow by Catellani adds a more artistic twist to this genre of lamps. Shadow is a piece of brass cloth suspended and illuminated by a led lamp placed on a painted black copper rod.

The shade does not stand still. It is so light that it gently rotates with any movement of air, creating a wonderful light and shadow effect on any nearby wall. Light here is given a chance to dance freely with its shadow! 

The suspended lamp of Amisol embodies a very powerful light source that emits a beam of light onto a large disk diffusing or reflecting the light. The beauty of the Amisol lays on the very light structure of its body. The disk, in translucent white film or metalized mirror membrane, can be suspended at any angle for the desired lighting effect, and the mirror effect adds another dimension to any space. Amisol definitely offers a great solution for any space which needs perfect illumination with minimal lighting structure.  

Deconstructing light and playing with the relationship between space, light beams and shadows is such an interesting concept that I hope to see more of these lamps in the future.

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Dec 12, 2018

Awesome as light can be done with ideas

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