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Why is BELL becoming the most sought after lamp for your dining area?

As a lighting consultant, very often I have been asked the same question:

“What kind of lamp can I use for my dining table?”

When recommending the right light fitting for dining areas, the first priority is to think of a lamp that can provide enough light on the dining table so that diners can clearly see what they are eating. And, if no other lighting is provided in the room, the second priority is to have a lamp that can also diffuse light in the surrounding space, to avoid the room being left in the dark.

Bell ( offers the perfect lighting solution. One of the most enjoyed and appreciated lamps by the Hong Kong and international clientele, Bell serves beautifully its dual lighting function. With a metal frame covered with strips of extra smooth and elegant pongé fabric, it is cleverly designed to brighten up the dining table, making it the main focal point, and at the same time to diffuse a soft, flattering light through its shade. Bell certainly creates the desired intimacy and atmosphere around the dining table.

With its different dimensions, ranging from 45cm to 180cm diameter, and generous variety of colours (blue, brown, burgundy, white, red, gold, black and green), Bell easily suits any design settings and becomes a joyful sight, whatever the chosen colour, either vibrant or subtle. Particularly, if choosing a large dimension, Bell will make a statement on its own and fill the entire room with life. What a stunning vision in both daytime and nighttime!

Whatever the occasion or the use of the dining table (sometimes even for work related tasks or children’s homework) family members, children, friends and formal diners will all feel warmly invited to gather around the table and be inspired by wonderful lighting.

Images courtesy of Axolight

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